Advanced Reports: 
Glossary & Instructions


Composite closing price of the daily or weekly candle.

Sell Trigger

Use this price to sell short. This is the 1st entry price to get short.

Buy Trigger

Note: If this field is blank then do not buy. Shorts have control of the market and the system is staying flat. The only option is to either sell short if there is an entry price indicated under the “shortsell” column, or stay flat on the sidelines or tighten up the stop if you are long. You can use the shortsell entry as your stop loss on open longs.

Trend Support

This acts as your “sellstop” on long positions. If you bought something this is were you sell it to get out. This price trigger also acts as your stop & reverse to get short when stopped out of long positions. Therefore the sellstop also functions as the 2nd entry price to get short.

Use the “sellshort” column price to place short tickets ahead of the market. You can also take the conservative “tr sup” i.e. stoploss price trigger.

Rally Alerts:

  • 911 Rally Alert


  • 11 Bull trend with bullish momentum behind it (Strong Trend)
  • 10 Bullish Correction. The bull market is in a full blown correction, meaning that prices are expected to decline further.
  • 1 Stage one short term bull rally
  • 88 Trading sideways inside the Kumo Cloud of death (Be cautious and take profit same day when possible.)


  • –88 is the same as 88.
  • –22 Bear trend with bearish momentum behind it (Strong Trend)
  • –20 Bearish Correction. The bear market is in a full blown correction, meaning that prices are expected to rise further.
  • –2 Stage one short term bear crash.

Crash Alert:

  • –911 Crash Alert

Trend Resistance

This acts as your 2nd option for initial stop-loss when shorting.

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