EOS Update [Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 10:07 PM EST]

Brokerage/Exchange: Kucoin.com, Kraken, Bitmex and others

What you Need to HAVE: 

  1. Account at Kucoin.com (or Binance, Kraken, or any exchanges that allows a stop order). Bitmex if you want to Short it!
  2. Some Bitcoin in your "Trading Account".
  3. Follow our Twitter and join our Slack for alerts when the trade is updated.

What you Need to KNOW:

  1. Trade at your own risk. Trading is risky and we are not responsible for your losses. Read the Terms for using this website.
  2. We will update this trade and our stop losses on this page. Sometimes late at night. Sometimes early in the morning.
  3. We will trade something different every week. Sometimes crypto. Other times Forex.
  4. The first video of the week will give you the instructions you need.
  5. We'll post to Slack and Twitter when the trade is updated, but the info you need will always be HERE on your Free Membership Dashboard.

Trigger: 10-27-19

Buy Trigger: 0.0003847200
Sell Trigger: 0.0003304150

The videos and information on this page are for PulseWaveTrading.com premium member's only. Please do not share outside of PulseWave Trading as you will be violating our TOS. Thank you!