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It's time for BITCOIN WEEK!

Once a month we have special trading events for our FREE and PARTNER Members.
Just choose a membership (paid or free) and Ride the PulseWaves with us this week!‍


Partner Members

  • Partner Members will have access to our BTC/USD report in addition to XRP/USD and EUR/USD
  • Access to our detailed tutorials - great if you're new to trading!
  • Trade Updates from our Experienced Traders Throughout the Week.
  • Access Member Only Live Trading w/ Dex and PWT Team Members

Free Members

  • Free Members will get 1 weeks access to our daily tradable report on ETH/USD (Crypto)
  • Access to our BTC/USD report Monday through Wednesday Evening this week.
  • Access to our detailed tutorials - great if you're new to trading!
  • Trade Updates from our Experienced Traders Throughout the Week.
  • Full Access to SPECIAL LIVE TRADING event w/ Dex and our team.
Live Event Links will be posted in PulseWave Free Slack and PulseWave Trading Slack.

This Week's LIVE Events


Live Trading w/ Dex
Starts This Wednesday at 11:00AM EST.
Requires paid memberships.
No RSVP Required.
Join us:
  • Watch Dex and our Team Trade Live
  • Live Interaction and Q&A
  • Real Time Market Analysis and Professional Trade Execution demonstrated LIVE.
Membership Required


How to Hold AND Trade Crypto (at the same time)
Starts THIS FRIDAY, at 11AM EST.
Registration required.
You Will: 
  • How you can HODL & Trade cryptos AT THE SAME TIME.
  • How to use our Price Trigger Reports on various crypto platforms.
  • How you can trade NOW with ANY SIZE portfolio.
Register for Friday!

Price Trigger Reports

The centerpiece of the PulseWave Trading System is our Price Trigger Reports.

Our Reports give you all the info you need to place orders BEFORE the markets open.

Published Sunday through Thursday evenings (EST). Access reports on Cryptos, Forex, Stocks, ETFS, Futures and more!

Slack Community

Access our exclusive Slack Community! Chat with our founder, Dex. Connect with our team and whole PulseWave Community.

You'll join a group of like-minded people so you can ride the PulseWaves together!

(Also see our Free Membership for access to the PulseWave Free Slack.)

We Guide You!

No complicated courses. No costly learning curve.

Start trading in minutes. Master our entire method in just a couple hours.

Our system adapts to your style. Spend as little as 15 minutes a day on your trading, and learn to RIDE THE PulseWaves!

Choose Your Membership

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Join our community and access Free Price Trigger Reports during monthly "Free Trade Week's" and "Bitcoin Weeks".
Access PulseWave Free Slack chat for community and support.
Learn "How to PulseWave" with access to parts of our education library.
Access Free Price Trigger Reports during monthly "Free Trade Week's" and "Bitcoin Weeks".
billed monthly
Premium access to PulseWave Trading and your own TRADABLE Partner Report daily!
Access to Premium Slack Chat, complete Video Education & Tutorial Library.
Access daily Price Trigger Reports on XRP/USD (Crypto) and EUR/USD (Forex) Pairs!*
Access MEMBER ONLY Live Trading.
Learn our secret POP Method to manage your positions.
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Access our tradable reports on 10 Crypto and Forex pairs.
Everything in PARTNER, and . . .
Access daily Price Trigger Reports on 3 Forex & 7 Crypto/USD Pairs!*
Get Serious
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Access BTC/USD Reports, our complete Crypto USD, Crypto BTC and Forex Reports including over 70 tradable pairs.
Everything in ACTION, and . . .
Access daily Price Trigger Reports on Bitcoin and 19 other top Cryptos.
Access BOTH USD & BTC trading pairs reports (38 total!).
Access complete Forex Reports on over 30 trading pairs.
Get Focused
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Supercharge your membership with 4 additional "LOADED Trigger" reports and our new E-mini Futures Report.
Everything in PLUS, and . . .
Access 5 additional ADVANCED Price Trigger Reports on Futures, Cryptos, and Forex.
Reports include "Loaded" Price Triggers to use with a more aggressive trading style.
7 E-mini Futures Reports - DOW, S&P,  NASDAQ, Russell, Oil, Gold, & Silver. Loaded & regular Triggers every evening!
Hardbody Karate
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Access EVERY REPORT we have including 1000's of Price Trigger Reports on US Equities, Futures, Index, and Foreign Equities.
Everything in ADVANCED
Access ALL our daily Price Trigger Reports on thousands of tradable instruments.
Access Reports on Bitcoin & Cryptos, Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Futures more.
Access our "Loaded" Pro Triggers on all Cryptos, Forex, and Futures reports.