Timeline REVEAL: PART 1

Friday 3/2/24

Dear PulseWavers and Future ALGO Capitalists,
Today we release an “Alpha” version of our new ALGO Capitalist Bullpen. It would more accurately be called “beta”, but we refuse to call anything about this project “beta”. It’s too powerful. It might . . . react.
That said, over the coming days and weeks we will be revealing more about our plans as a company. The world needs the work of Dex the ALGO Capitalist. He didn’t say that. I’m saying it (BaldHead Frank).
More than our plans, we hope to share some of our story and genuine heart for our work as a team, which includes my main man Dex the ALGO Capitalist, myself, and our Executive Part Tim Cat Lady, Jenn. More than a team, we have a small community inside and out side of PulseWave Trading that have supported us way beyond what we do to make a living.
That said, you’re here to make money, and we are here to help you make money (DYOR, please read our disclaimer). Thanks for checking out the soon to be murdered PulseWaveTrading.com. You are NOT ready for what we are about to do.
It’s exactly what you didn’t know you needed and we are truly blessed to be a part of it.


Frank on behalf of soon-to-be ALGO Capitalist Society.

2 New Resource for those who Practice CAPITALISM!  

The Capitalist Letter

Market Exposition, Analysis and Tactics from the latest A.T.T.A.C. Reports handpicked by Dex and ALGO Capitalist Society members.
The all new publication containing pertinent, at times URGENT exposition of market conditions.
Regular article, alerts, and exclusive live sessions based on 1) the latest data from Dex's proprietary A.T.T.A.C. System, 2) the requests, insights, and intel of our Society Members, and 3) Dex's own instincts and interests as a seasoned professional trader and analysts.
Includes audio, video, text, AND a live community events and discussions.
Sunday Edition & Society LIVE Session
In addition to topical articles, subscribers Price Trigger report based on Dex's A.T.T.A.C. Trade Reports, premium subscribers get access to the Exclusive live interactive Society Session to review Dex's A.T.T.A.C. Watchlist and place trades for the week ahead.*

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