Our Process Works!

1. Access

Every member of PulseWaveTrading.com gets access to our daily Price Trigger reports, to Dex and his team, to the POP Method, to exclusive member’s content, live video chat sessions and more.

2. Instruction

Trading using the Price Triggers is simple. “Go long” by placing an order with a Buy Trigger price. “Go short” by placing an order with a Sell Trigger. Let the market come to you.

Our Fast Track videos provide you with a comprehensive guide to using the PulseWave Trading System. Learn how to USE the Price Triggers by watching a few, brief video guides. STEP BY STEP instruction!

3. Connection

Our daily Price Triggers are posted on our website and alerts go out to our exclusive member’s slack room.

Using the slack app, you can get mobile notifications on your phone. This is also a great way to connect with our leaders, Dex, Frank, and the rest of our team and members.

4. Confidence

We show you which platforms to use to trade Crypto, Forex, or Equities, and how to place the right kind of orders to use the PulseWave Trading system effectively.

5. Empowerment

Our POP Method gives you the tools you need set your own stop loss orders on active trades. With a glance at your trade, you’ll know what to do to lock in profit or limit downside.

You will be empowered and fully capable to manage your own trades quickly and easily.

6. Simplicity

You won’t get bogged down in analysis paralysis! Pick a trade. Place and order. “Pulse-Out” in Profit.

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