Congratulations on becoming an ALGO Capitalist member!

Dear Fellow Capitalist! 

Thank you for choosing the ALGO Capitalist Bullpen!

You've taken a first step towards financial freedom and independence.

We are pleased to welcome you and look forward to your participation in our daily live trading sessions were you will learn the market secrets that wall street doesn't want you to know.

be encouraged.

Dex the ALGO Capitalist
GET STARTED: The most helpful thing for new members is to attend or watching replays of our daily member's session. These are easy to access from our dashboard or navigation almost anywhere on our site.

A GREAT resource are the sessions recorded recently during our "METHOD" webinars. You can view that content HERE as well as below on this page.

We are constantly seeking to improve and expand our resources to help you succeed. Please reach out to us and say hello in our DISCORD, and we look forward to have you join us in our bullpen sessions! 

You will find some OLDer tutorials and resources below. We are in the process of updating or replacing Tutorials as needed

PLEASE ask questions, request topics, tutorials, chart reviews or whatever you need in our discord or via email whenever you need. It's our pleasure to assist.

In addition to Dex's approach, there are numerous ways one can use the A.T.T.A.C. Reports, so we are happy help you with what you need! Discord is best. Contact page is also good. 

Thank you! 

Please Note: We are in the process for changing our brand name from PulseWave Trading to ALGO Capitalist "stuff". Please excuse the messiness as we update and replace MANY of our webinars, tutorials and webpages.

The Algo Capitalist's Four "M's" of Trading Success

Every Trader Needs need a METHOD to get the work done and a method to get the trade Won.
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👉 WATCH: 4 M's Webinar

PREVIOUS Webinars . . .

Watchlist Live Example Replays

Tuesday 11/7 - Monday 11/13, around 8:30PM EST.
Email Registration required.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Be our guest! Join Dex and the ALGO Capitalist Community for our (normally private) "members only" meeting.
  • Watch live as Dex places his orders, DEMONSTRATES the PROCESS, and takes all your question in the LIVE CHAT.
  • Learn the A.T.T.A.C. Report Basics from system Creator, Dex the Algo Capitalist
  • Start Time Varies. Join our Discord for alerts.

Bullpen Orientation

Held 11-07-23: Tuesday, at 4PM EST.
Replay w/ Email Registration required. 👇

Meeting Agenda:

  • Learn about what the A.T.T.A.C. are and how Traders use them in live markets.
  • Get YOU ready for a week of A.T.T.A.C. based trading as a new Trader.
  • Learn the Martial Art of Trade Execution with Dex and the community! 

OLD Member Orientation (LEGACY VERSION)

NOTE: We're working on an update to our site and our member orientation. There is a lot of helpful stuff on this page, but we've made things a bit simpler for you. The most helpful thing for new members is to attend our evening "Watchlist Live Orders" with Dex and join in the Bullpen in the morning. Both are recorded for replay later. We will keep our members updated as new updated member content is added to this site. Thank you! 

Next Steps

1. Learn How To Place Orders