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NOTE: We are adding new educational resources every day! Scroll to the very bottom of this page to see the latest. The Fast Track series is still the most comprehensive intro to the system we have as of now. More updates coming! (See the new POP page when you get to Part 6!)

If you’re new to PulseWave Trading and wondering how to get started, you’ve arrived in exactly the right place. Welcome!

How do you learn to use the PulseWave Trading System? Work your way through the following videos and do what the videos tell you to do. That's it! 

As always, our team and community are here to support you. Reach out to any time in our Slack community chatroom or email us at

Part 1: Intro To PulseWave Trading

Part 2: Set Up Accounts for PulseWave Trading

Part 3:  Set Up Your Trading Platform

Cryptos / FOREX / TradingView
Think or Swim

Exchange & Brokerage Links

Part 4: Four Ways to Choose Trades from the Price Trigger Sheets

Part 5: How to Place Orders

Crypto Orders
FOREX Orders
Equities & Futures Orders (TOS)

Part 6: The POP Method

Part 7: The 4 Phases of PulseWave Trading